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Let’s protect nature by using renewable energy sources!
Why is biomass a renewable energy source?

Biomass is one of renewable energy sources as it comes from living organisms. The main advantage of biomass as a renewable energy source is that it can be produced almost anywhere on the planet. The sustainability of biomass as an energy source is achieved by managing this resource adequately.

Pelet - ciklus
Wood - has been used as an energy source for heating and food preparation since primordial times. Wood is deemed a neutral energy carrier as during its exploitation it releases a minimum quantity of CO2, approximately the same quantity it absorbs in the process of photosynthesis.

Pellet - is fuel made of wood mass, without chemical additives, and it is absolutely harmless to human health and the   environment. Pellets have very high calorific power – up to 5.4 kWh/kg. The main advantages of pellets are: 1) high levels of energy utilization, 2) simple transportation, use and storage, 3) after combustion, a minimum quantity of ashes remains.