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    30. 12. 2014.
    30. 12. 2014.

    In September, Alfa-Plam carried out a unique campaign in the Serbian market called "Alfa-Plam Giveaways” where EVERYBODY WINS. In this campaign, every customer who bought a product from the range of company products which run on solid fuel or pellets received a gift pack in September.

    We are very pleased with the response from the customers who believe in the quality and tradition of our products.

     In addition to our loyal customers, our loyal sales staff who take part in our "Best Alfa Plam Sales Person in Serbia" contest will also receive prizes based on the submitted invoices.


     First prize: A weekend for two at the Izvor Hotel in Arandjelovac.

     Second prize: A mini Alfa electric from the Alfa Plam program.

     Third prize: The Pioneer and Hissar packages worth 5,000.00 RSD, and many other valuable prizes for all participants.