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Central 23

  • ico_power_39922.png23,3 kW
  • ico_dimension.png360 x 610 x 850 mm
  • ico_dimeter_36726.png145 mm
  • ico_heat_rad_77225.png2,3 kW
  • ico_heat_pow.png21 kW
  • ico_boiler_96298.png16 l
  • ico_volume.png175-390 m3
  • ico_area_33997.png 70-156 m2
  • ico_weigth.png140 / 153 kg
  • ico_degree.png72,00 / 74,93 %
-built-in pipeline snake (copper tube) that when it is connected with the thermal valve serves as a thermal safety fuse for possible overheating of the stove
-steel plates for cooking, there is a possibility of removing the plates entirely to clean them thoroughly
-special key to open the firebox door in case of overheating of the handle
-a very deep firebox
-air regulator that sets the boiler water temperature
-remote thermometer for taking the water temperature in the boiler
-in the lower part of the firebox there is a vertical grille, which opens with a key and is used for kindling the stove
-the oven cover has good insulation properties, the heating of the stove in the room is regulated by the use of the oven cover; lowering the cover reduces the radiation of heat in the room
-there is a possibility of using the vertical grid as the upper grille for heating and cooking in the transitional period, so the flame comes directly to the burner
-multiple connections to the chimney


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